A Little Planning and Some Technology Envy

Saturday January 7th 2023

It may have been colder last night, but the high temperature for the day was a couple of degrees warmer. The inside temperature was around fifty this morning and the outside high was in the low seventies.

Today was a planning day. I really don’t know what I’m doing after the middle of April. Last year I had all kinds of ideas that never turned into plans. This year those ideas remain, but still haven’t been converted into plans. The eleven month planning window for next winter in Florida is also opening up. I need to commit to a coast for next winter. Will I be in Florida or out west somewhere? Probably Florida.

Walking around the resort today I couldn’t help but remark on all the new technology that is becoming very common in parks like this. First, ordinary bicycles are rapidly being replaced by electric bikes. In this park they silently creep up behind you at speeds into the 20MPH range. Many of the riders don’t even seem to stop at intersections. While I’m a little envious of the bikes, I fear that the lack of smart usage will lead to onerous regulations about the time I decide to get one. Even more concerning is why do parents buy elementary school age kids little electric bikes. They need the exercise and many don’t have the common sense needed to safely ride them in a busy park.

The other technology I’m a little envious of is the Starlink satellites for internet access. The small rectangular satellite antennas are appearing on the ground in front of RVs and on the roof of others. Today I started counting them. I lost the count in the teens. I am not sure of the cost vs value of the service compared to cellular data. In areas of heavy tree cover the satellite won’t work and if you aren’t near a cell tower you will also have difficulties. If an internet connection is essential, you probably need to have both. For now, I’ll stay with cellular data. Maybe I’ll add another carrier.

Tonight’s sunset

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