Back with the Birds

Friday January 6th 2023

The humidity and the temperature are back below normal levels. The temperature only climbed into the low to mid sixties. In the sun it was very comfortable, but in the shade and wind it was a little chilly.

“Don’t take my picture. I’m hiding”

While I was out of the park today I stopped at the Ocala Wetland Recharge Park once again. It is only about fifteen minutes from my campsite and is a very nice place to walk and visit with the birds. There was a lot of maintenance going on around the holding ponds this afternoon. The staff was busy picking up some of the downed trees that probably came down during the hurricanes earlier in the year. The birds didn’t seem to care, but maybe the turtles did. I didn’t see any turtles today.

Back at the RV resort late in the day I continued my daily exercise with another walk around the park. It isn’t as full as I expected. The high occupancy over the holidays has ended and the volume of snowbird arrivals has slacked off. There also doesn’t seem to be many weekend visitors other than the camping group that occupies part of one road that was empty previously. Park occupancy continues to be a mystery to me.


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