An Inside Christmas Day

Sunday December 25th 2022

Merry Christmas

The overnight hours were very similar to Friday night. There was about twelve hours below freezing with most of them in the low to mid twenties. Today’s high temperature was about five degrees warmer than Saturday at forty five. Tonight will be very similar to the last couple.

A blossom that continues to survive the freezing temperatures.

Once again this was very much an indoor kind of day. I baked a batch of imitation blueberry muffins from a package to go with my morning coffee then lingered at the table enjoying them. Eventually I got enough initiative to bundle up in my winter coat for a walk around the RV resort. Everything was very quiet. People were all inside their RVs. Yesterday all the plants I saw were showing real signs of freeze damage. The blossoms were all black or fallen off. Today I found a couple of little weed like plants that still had thriving blossoms.

Main course for my Christmas dinner.

Back in my warm RV it was time for Christmas dinner. I may not have a Christmas tree, but somehow I still have to have a slightly more upscale menu on the holiday. Today I had a slice of ham that I accompanied with mashed potatoes and corn for the main course. For dessert I had a slice of Apple Pie with Ice Cream. Overall it wasn’t anything special, but it was good.

Apple Pie for dessert.

This is my last full day in Ocala. Tomorrow I’m moving south about 140 miles to the Bradenton FL area. Getting packed up in the morning is going to be a challenge. The temperature will barely be above freezing by the 11am checkout time. Today’s cool temperatures kept me indoors and I didn’t get any of the usual outdoor prep tasks accomplished.


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