A Chilly Christmas Eve

Saturday December 24th 2022

As predicted the temperature was below freezing by 11PM last night and didn’t return above freezing until around 10AM. The low temperature was around twenty three according to the TV weather report. I was comfortable inside my RV home. The only downside was waking up when the furnace came on a couple of times. I slept trough most of its cycles. The sound of the furnaces in other nearby RVs was more of an issue before I went to sleep than my own furnace.

Today’s high temperature was just a little north of 40 degrees. The bright sunshine allowed the inside of my RV home to stay warm all day. Outside, the wind out of the north kept brought the wind chill temperature down ten to fifteen degrees. I had to get my winter jacket out to stay warm on my daily walk around the RV resort. It has been a few years since the jacket left the closet. It sounds like I’ll need it again tomorrow.

Yesterday this mass of green and brown was a thriving plant with bright pink blossoms.

Walking around the resort this afternoon I didn’t see any significant signs of RV damage from the cold. At one site the water hose was stretched out across the pad, probably in an attempt to thaw it out. Just turning off the water isn’t sufficient. You need to drain the hose. The most obvious sign of last nights temperature were the plants around the clubhouse. Yesterday there were colorful blossoms on all the plants. Today all of the blossoms and many of the leaves were black. The plants are still alive today, but another couple of nights with similar temperatures may do them in.

People were not very active in the resort today. The Christmas Golf cart parade didn’t happen. Yesterday there was an email saying it was still on if you wanted. Apparently nobody wanted to drive around in an open golf cart in thirty plus degree temperatures. I haven’t seen many golf carts other than the ones the staff use, so there probably weren’t many candidates.

Merry Christmas


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