Return to the Ocala Wetland Reclamation Park

Wednesday December 14th 2022

Today was the last warm weather day in the forecast. The steady breeze out of the east didn’t prevent the bright sunny sky from raising the temperature to the upper half of the seventies. A cold front with potential severe weather is heading this way across the Gulf of Mexico. It is expected here tomorrow morning. Weekend high temperatures are only forecast to be in the low sixties.

I woke up this morning to the sound of lawn mowers. They need a big crew to get all of the grass in this park mowed. They started around 8AM and were still at it at 5PM. Not only do they mow, but they trim and edge around every post and concrete pad. I mentioned in August that I didn’t think the commercial mowing crew hand a good handle on the idiosyncrasies of mowing an RV park, and I still hold that opinion. For example, they get a little too close to all the hoses and cords that tie every RV to the services for my tastes and running their noisy trimmers and blowers right outside my window before I’m out of bed is another issue.

For exercise today I drove over to the Ocala Wetlands Reclamation Park that I discovered on my last visit. I expected to find more water in the collection ponds this time, but I found just the opposite. One the ponds was practically drained dry today. The level is artificially controlled so it probably doesn’t reflect local rainfall totals. It seems like the water level in this area isn’t as high as the Orlando area. The retention pond at the RV park that contained some water in August is dry now.

There were plenty of birds at the Wetlands Reclamation Park. There were several Egrets and Herons today. In August they were missing, but there were more ducks than I saw today. Overall I had a good time walking the trails and will be back for more visits while I’m here.


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