Getting Settled

Tuesday December 13th 2022

The weather was seasonally appropriate in this area today. The temperature peaked in the low seventies under a mostly sunny sky. Off to the south, in the area I spent the last seven weeks, it was not as nice. Rain and wind off the Atlantic dominated the weather in the Orlando area. So, at least for today, my move north worked out weather wise. Toward the end of the week it might be a different story.

Today was a multifaceted day for activities. First up was configuring my car for daily driving. Basically that means stowing the equipment that allows it to be towed and taking my bicycle and rack off the back. It is a lot of little things, but they only take fifteen minutes or so to complete.

The heavy cloud cover and inclement weather remained well to the southeast.

Once the car was ready for use, I set out for Walmart. I needed to restock my refrigerator. It was busy, but not as bad as it could have been. I certainly won’t be going near shopping areas near the weekend or most of next week. Probably a week from today I’ll make my last stop for food before Christmas. The shelves were fairly well stock and the lines weren’t bad today. I came home with everything I need for now and could survive through the holiday if I don’t get back to the store next week.

Back at the RV resort this afternoon I refreshed my memory of the place from last August. At that time it had only been open a few weeks and the majority of the sites were empty. I doubt if there were more than fifty occupied sites most of the time. Now it has been open for a few months and the majority of the sites are still empty. Even so there are probably three or four times more RVs here today. The campground has around five hundred sites.

One site at the park had a few blow up decorations.

I walked around a good portion of the park this evening. Most sites have some form of holiday decorations on display. They aren’t anything as elaborate as the ones I saw at Disney’s Fort Wilderness, but they celebrate the season to some degree. For example, I only have a couple of strings of led lights in my front window. Maybe things will change as the holiday gets closer.


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