Rain and Elections

Tuesday November 8th 2022

The weather this morning continued the positive trend of the last few days, but around noon it started to decline. Brief periods of intense rain started to fall. As the afternoon progressed the frequency and duration increased. Overnight it is forecast to be dry, but the real rain associated with the tropical system will begin midday Wednesday.

Mr. Peacock

I was surprised to find a lot of traffic in the RV park this morning. There was a steady stream of cars entering the park. There was also more than the usual amount of traffic passing my site. When I went to investigate I found signs directing people to the park’s club house for voting. One of the area polling stations is located in the club house. Overnight the road into the park was lined with political signs along with red voting this way signs. This is a first for me. I’ve never been in an RV park with a poll before.

Shortly after noon I ventured out to restock my food supply. Most of my needs were items that complement the main course, so they weren’t essential. I probably should have skipped the adventure. With a tropical storm approaching everyone and their brother was stocking up. The checkout lines were all five or more carts long. I managed to pick one with a slow or inexperienced cashier. A supervisor had to visit the checkout at least three times before I put my stuff on the conveyor belt. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that more than half my time in the store was spent in the checkout line.

My grocery store fun wasn’t over at the checkout. When I stepped outside the first of today’s storms was about to begin. Only a few drops of rain were falling as I started to walk across the lot to my car. Before I got to my car it was a full blown wind driven downpour. I was soaked to the bone by the time I got into my car. The rain was over by the time I was on the main road heading home to see how much rain came in my open windows. I lucked out the wind direction prevented any serious intrusion.


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