A Sunday at Home

Sunday November 6th 2022

A little more wind arrived today, but otherwise it was a repeat of the last few days. The temperature got into the upper eighties with a medium level of humidity. According to the forecast the weather is going down hill from here. A tropical system is developing in the Atlantic east of the Bahamas. The current worst case scenario has it becoming a tropical storm as it approaches the Florida Peninsular in the middle of the week. This area may get from four to eight inches of rain. As with all tropical systems the track of the storm is key to the intensity. It is time to watch the forecast closely.

The return to standard time had an impact on my day. First I wake up early according to the actual time, but on time by the clock in the bedroom. So instead of getting up, I roll over and go back to sleep. I actually got up later than my normal time by the actual time. Once up, the morning still seemed to go by slowly and the afternoon quicker. It was dark by 6PM. I wonder how many days it will take to get used to the new normal.

This RV resort had a little more life than I’ve come to expect today. More people seem to have arrived. The number of RVs and Mobile Homes that appear to be empty is getting smaller. There also seem to be more people out walking to supplement all of the people whizzing around in golf carts. The swimming pool even had a few people splashing around today. I think there has only been one other day that I saw people in the pool.

Checking license plates to see where the “snowbirds” come from is one of my diversions while walking around the park. The Canadian provinces of Quebec and Ontario are popular origins. It is nice to see Canadian plates again. They were nonexistent in the winter of 2020 and not abundant last year. The border has been open for about a year now. I was also surprised to find several license tags from my old home of New Hampshire. It isn’t odd to see one or two, but there are at least four here.


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