Sweatshirt Weather

Wednesday October 19th 2022

The wind began to blow about 1AM last night. It continued into the day today. This morning there was a heavy cloud cover preventing the sun from warming things up. It was still well below seventy at noon today. During the afternoon a little bit of sun started to break through the clouds, but the temperature still remained in the sixties. Tonight the cloud cover has departed and the temperature has already started to drop. It is going to be unseasonably cold tonight.

Today was a sweatshirt day and with the wind, that almost wasn’t enough. I even saw one couple all bundled up in winter coats, with hoods up and at least one of them had gloves on. Cold weather in Florida is met with strange responses. This kind of temperature with strong northern winds is more common in late December and January. The average daily high temperature in October is in the low eighties.

Setting sun reflecting off the Space X Falcon 9 booster returning to shore after landing on the drown ship.

Port Canaveral was quiet again today. There were no cruise ships in port. The freighters and tankers deeper in the port looked to be different from yesterday, but the change happened overnight. All day there were ships in the anchorage off shore waiting for their turn in the port. This evening a strange looking vessel appeared from the haze on the horizon. Using full zoom on my camera it became clear that the craft was a returning drown ship carrying a spent Falcon 9 booster rocket from the weekend Space X launch. I waited until close to darkness, but it didn’t enter the port. I got too cold to keep waiting. There will be another one returning over the weekend if tomorrow’s launch happens on schedule.

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