A Relaxing Day at Jetty Park

Tuesday October 18th 2022

The first half of the day was filled with sunshine allowing the temperature to climb. The second half of the day was overcast keeping it from getting too warm. As the cold front passed through the area a line of thunderstorms passed out to sea south of here. Overall it was a nice weather day.

Blossom of the day.

I spent the day relaxing around the park watching the activity coming and going from the port. It wasn’t a busy day during the daylight hours, but several large ships are in the anchorage off the coast waiting for their dock to become available. None of the Port Canaveral based cruise ships were in port today, but Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas made a port call today. It arrived for one of its stops on a seven day sailing out of New York around noon. Tonight at 9PM it continues on to the Bahamas. Usually you have to be up before dawn to see a cruise ship arrive in port.

Oasis of the Seas arriving in port.

The wildlife is also an interesting target of observation. In addition to all of the different birds, the squirrels can be quite entertaining. People have been feeding them so they are way too tame. While I was sitting on a bench one of the little rodents jumped up on the seat next to me and stared at me waiting for a handout. It didn’t get anything so it scurried away after a few seconds. In past years there have been feral cats wandering around, but so far this year I haven’t seen any.

One of the “little beggars” eating a seed pod.

The great event of the day was the arrival of a medevac helicopter. It came in low over the campground and landed in the empty overflow parking lot for the boat launching area. The noise and vibrations were extreme. The copter was only a hundred feet or so above my RV home. They transferred a patient from an ambulance to the helicopter before it took off. Thankfully, the takeoff wasn’t over the campground.


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