Travel Day to Lake Seminole

Tuesday September 6th 2022

Humidity and sun are two things that make for a tiring travel day. Rain and wind are worse, but the humidity makes a few minutes of activity a very damp experience. The sun adds to the heat and necessitates sun glasses while traveling. I didn’t experience any wind or rain today.

I started my long travel day with my departure from Champions Run RV resort in Ocala Florida just before checkout at 10:45AM. Buying gas was the first thing on my agenda. Yesterday I scoped out the local area for a gas station with easy access and a decent price. I found a station that with a $3.33 per gallon rate. This morning it was $3.39 per gallon. The fluctuation in price is frustrating. On my route today, I saw prices as high as $3.69 per gallon. The price I paid was pretty much the lowest, so I did good.

Site 48 at the Eastbank campground on Lake Seminole.

It was a long slow travel day. I had 225 miles from Ocala to Lake Seminole on the Georgia Florida border to travel. The majority of my route was along Interstate 75 and Interstate 10. Traffic was light most of the way. The route was through the hilly part of Florida. There also isn’t a lot of sights to see along the way. The road is lined with trees, an occasional field and not a lot of developed areas. I find it very monotonous and seems to last forever.

I arrived at the Eastbank Army Corp of Engineer Campground on Lake Seminole between 2:30 and 3PM. The campground is located in Bainbridge Georgia just over the state line from Chattachoochee Florida. I’ve enjoyed my stay here in the past. I’ll be here for two weeks.


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