Last Day in Ocala

Monday September 5th 2022

There wasn’t as much wind today. The result was a more uncomfortable day. The low nineties temperature felt much warmer. Late in the day a few brief showers developed overhead. They were more of a cloud burst that ended before the sun even got blocked by the clouds. The result was a very nice rainbow in the eastern sky.

Midafternoon sky.
Evening sky.

This morning the campground emptied out with a steady flow of departing RVs. Two of my neighbors were gone before I raised the shades this morning. Others just pulled out as the 11AM checkout time arrived. The park staff was very busy checking the newly emptied sites. The park was back to looking empty by afternoon, but not quite as empty as midweek. I am leaving tomorrow and I suspect others will be too. Avoiding the holiday traffic on the interstate is a good reason for leaving the day after the holiday. When I passed under Interstate 75 this afternoon, the road was heavily backed up. The traffic appeared to be very stop and go.

“How do I get down from here?”

I made two excursions out of the RV park today. My first trip was for groceries. My next stop will be much further away from supplies, so I decided to stock up before I travel tomorrow. Walmart wasn’t extremely busy, but the poorly stocked shelves indicate it might have been earlier in the day. I managed to get just about everything on my list. The couple of things I didn’t get won’t be missed.

Later in the day I made one last visit to the Ocala Wetlands Recharge Park. There were a few more people in the park today, but the ducks were hiding. I saw a few Ibis, a Blue Heron and a couple of turtles to make up for the ducks.


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