Cedar Point Preserve Hike

Monday June 20th 2022

Today was a beautiful weather day. It was a little cooler than the average June day in the Jacksonville area. The high temperature was in the high eighties with low humidity and a decent breeze off the Atlantic Ocean. Many people around the RV resort were taking advantage of the weather. They were sitting outside and even getting in a little exercise.

Blossom of the day.,

I took advantage of the weather by going for a hike in the Cedar Point Preserve. A combination of city, state and federal park area provides a nice location for hiking through hardwood hammocks, coastal pine forest and marsh land along the creeks that feed the St Johns river between the mainland and Talbot Island, a barrier island.

The trail system is extensive. I only saw one other person during the entire two plus hours I was walking the trails. For the most part it was a relaxing walk. There was one moment that got my adrenaline pumping. A deer popped out from the side of the trail about ten feet in front of me. It ran away from me on the trail before turning into the woods on the far side about fifty feet away. It was a startling experience. I wonder how long the deer knew I was coming before it decided to bolt. The whole event was over in ten seconds.

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