A Back to Normal Kind of Day

Sunday June 19th 2022

The above average temperatures of the last week were gone today. The cold front passed through yesterday and left a day with lower humidity along with a strong east wind. The scattered fluffy cloud day produced a high temperature just north of ninety. The temperature combined with the east wind produced a very comfortable day.

I was back to my regular daily pattern. The morning was dedicated to breakfast with an extra cup of coffee and catching up on my internet reading. This was followed by my first walk of the day around the RV resort. A few extra Canadian Geese had decided to spend their day around the retention pond. Most days there have been eight to twelve geese. Today it looked like there were twice as many, but I didn’t count them. This group of geese are quiet and not particularly bothered by people getting near them. The down side is they do leave many little calling cards all over the place.

During the time between my walks today, I roasted a piece of pork I picked up at the store yesterday. It provided a good dinner today and will be useful for sandwiches and another meal or two during the week. Unfortunately it also produced enough dishes to fill the sink leading to a never enjoyable dish washing session.

My second walk later in the day had to wait for the US Open Golf tournament to finish. The victory cam down to the last putt on the 72nd hole. A player I never heard of before missed a birdie putt to tie the match with another player I never heard of before. It was an interesting final few holes as all the players I could identify fell out of competition. I guess I don’t watch enough golf anymore.

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