Yet Another Slow and Relaxing Saturday

Saturday May 14th 2022

Yesterday’s late evening thunderstorm allowed the overnight temperature to get down to a good sleeping temperature. This morning the bright sunshine set the temperature on a steady climb to the upper eighties. The wind off the water wasn’t strong enough to bring new thunderstorms in the evening. Tomorrow will be back to the summer weather pattern with afternoon and evening thunderstorms.

Wildflower blossom of the day.

This was a day to catch up on things. First on the list was catching up on my sleep. I didn’t roll out of bed until 9AM. That set the laid back mood for the day. Other than cooking some food and a walk around the campground, most of my day was spent reading and watching TV.

The campground is far from full this weekend. May is very much an in between season for tourism in this area. The snowbirds are all back in the north, the spring breaks are over and the local school year is still a couple of weeks from over. This weekend the cabins and tent sites at this campground are very active, but the RV sites are fairly empty. The fancy sites near the swimming pool are mostly empty and there are about a dozen RVs scattered over the remaining sixty sites in the lower area. This is about the same number that were here when I arrived on Tuesday.

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