A Disney Springs Visit

Friday April 22nd 2022

The weather pattern established over the last couple of days continued today. The day began cloudy gradually giving way to partial sunshine. The dominant weather feature was the wind. It was very strong out of the northeast and east. The temperature peaked near eighty.

Unlike yesterday I didn’t let the less than perfect weather change my plans. I got the active part of the day started around 11:30AM executing the plans I originally intended for Thursday. First up was a stop at Camping World in Kissimmee for a new reflective sun shield for the front window of my RV home. The one I’ve been using for the last couple of years has fallen apart.

This Camping World location has been here for more than forty years. It was one of the first Camping World locations outside of Bowling Green Kentucky long before the current corporate monopoly acquired the catalog based store. The store has changed and expanded several times over the years. Another change took place since my last visit. A large portion of the floor space is now dedicated as a design center. The merchandise aisles have been moved all around in a layout that doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, but I’m not a retail designer. I found what I was looking for on the second pass around the store and resisted the urge to buy things that I don’t really need or are cheaper elsewhere.

My second stop of the day was at Disney Springs. The retail and entertainment venue was really busy. All of the stores and restaurants seemed to have plenty of customers. I lucked out on the timing of my stop for Fish & Chips at Cooks of Dublin. There were tables available outside and I only had to wait behind two other groups to order. While I was eating the line extended out the door. The Fish & Chips are worth the wait.

I walked around the entire Disney Springs venue checking out a few of the stores and I paused to listen to one of the High School music groups preforming this afternoon. There are many groups from schools in the northeast enjoying Disney during spring vacation week. The group I listen to was from Pennsylvania.

When I got back to the campground late this afternoon, the occupants and the atmosphere had transitioned to weekend mode. There are a lot more kids and tent campers. Walking around the campground before sunset was a challenge dodging bicycles, scooters and footballs in flight.

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