Changing Plans to a Slow Day

Thursday April 21st 2022

The day started cloudy creating a very gloomy mood. There were a few sunny breaks later in the day and the wind picked out of the east. The temperature peaked in the high seventies which is a little low for this time of year in this area.

Blossom of the day.

The unexpected weather impacted my day. My day started very slowly as there was nothing to encourage me to get out of my RV home. I had planned to head into the tourist area of Kissimmee today. Instead I dragged myself out of the RV for a walk around the campground in the early afternoon. The campground was in its midday lull in occupancy. Today’s departures had happened and the new arrivals were yet to show up. The good news was the Washing machine was available. Over the next two hours I completed washing and dying my last load of laundry.

My second walk of the day was a little longer. I hiked around Hammond Lake. That is a lot less impressive than it sounds. It is only about a mile along a very flat wide path. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get moving a little more quickly in the morning and execute today’s plan a day late.

Looking for food near the dock at sunset.

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