Water Lilies

Sunday April 17th 2022

I went through today at a slower pace than I’ve been following the last few days. It was a very slow and steady start to the day during which I had to remind myself it was a Sunday. Moving on a Saturday is unusual and really has me out of sync. I have one more Saturday move coming up at the end of this week before I get back to moving on week days.

Storm clouds moving in during the late afternoon.
More storm clouds moving in over the lake.

It was a hot and humid summer like day with thunderstorms in the forecast for the late afternoon into the evening. As of the early evening the storms have crossed the area to the north and the south of here. Only a few drops of rain have landed on my RV home. The forecast influenced my plans for the day and I decided to stay at home and get settled.

I walked around the campground a couple of times. Nothing much has changed since I left the park at the end of January. This was a big turnover day in the campground. At the 1PM checkout time more than half the sites were empty. They all seem to be full tonight. The one of the big changes from my January visit was all of the water lilies in bloom in the lakes. I got mildly obsessed with taking pictures of the lilies and have included too many in this blog post.

Just because I decided to take it easy today doesn’t mean I didn’t get anything accomplished. In addition to cooking a nice steak with baked potato for Easter Dinner, I got an accumulation of laundry washed and dried. I kept the washer and dryer at the bathhouse busy for close to three hours.

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