The Tale of a Hitchhiking Toad

Saturday April 16th 2022

I was up early this morning to prepare for my travel day. A sink half full of dirty dishes necessitated the early start. It was a very warm and humid day so I tried to take my time getting ready to travel. I pulled out of Myakka River State Park at about 12:15PM.

Traffic was very heavy all the way. It took extra time to get through the Sarasota and Bradenton area. The road can barely handle the volume of traffic under normal conditions and the few construction zones thrown in for good measure probably doubled the usual travel time through the area. The pace picked up to speed limit speeds until I was approaching the Orlando area. In the usual area traffic came to a halt. It took almost half an hour to go two miles to the US 27 exit.

I arrived at Lake Louisa State Park in Clermont between two thirty and three in the afternoon. It was at least an hour later when I set the microwave clock at 3:57PM. The state park was busy with many day use visitors, but the campground seems quiet. I was surprised to see a couple of empty sites nearby this evening.

Site 8 at Lake Louisa State Park

The traffic wasn’t the only issue on the trip. About halfway to my destination I spotted a green blob on the drivers side window. A couple of glances between watching the traffic identified it as a green toad two or three inches long. I started to wonder why the wind wasn’t blowing it away. Another glance resulted in the realization that it was on the inside of the window. After a few seconds of wondering how it got in and how do I get it out, it launched itself from the window to the top of my head. Trying not to panic in traffic I shook my head violently back and forth to get it to move on. It did, but onto my back. The next question in my mind during the few seconds from hell was: “Is it inside my shirt or outside?”. It must have been outside, but I have no idea where it is now. There is a hitchhiking toad loose in my RV home and I still don’t know how it got in. My only guess is it came in on top of the main living room slide out room.

1 thought on “The Tale of a Hitchhiking Toad

  1. Oh my!! This is the first I’ve read of something like this. Good for you for not panicking. It will be interesting to read about when you meet the toad again. I do have to say – thanks for the laugh because it did give me one!

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