Tuesday March 29th 2022

The temperature is climbing. Today was a little higher than normal in the upper eighties, but on the positive side it was less humid than normal for the end of April. Overall it was a very nice day.

I made the forty eight mile drive into the outskirts of Naples Florida today. My mission was two fold. First I needed a few groceries to add variety to my diet. Second I needed to pick up an Amazon locker delivery. Both tasks were a success. Even the newfangled way of getting into the Amazon locker worked. You used to scan a bar code Amazon sent in an email. Now you use a Bluetooth connection from the Amazon phone app to the locker and the door magically pops open.

The best part of the day was the stop at the Oasis visitors center on the way to town. The alligators and a few wading birds were all enjoying the sunshine and ignoring all the tourists pointing and commenting about their appearance. There were a few big gators that made the crocodiles I was seeing last week look like babies. I know the crocodiles are supposed to get bigger than the alligators, but not the ones I saw last week.

Back at the campground this evening there are actually a few empty sites. There seems to be a change in season going on. Of the four camp hosts sites, three were full yesterday and today there was only one campground host couple remaining. The campground can function without any hosts, but I am surprised things are changing now. It is hard to realize that Friday is April 1st.

My RV home across the pond with the sun setting in the background.

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