Travel Back to the Midway Campground

Monday March 28th 2022

Today was a good day to travel. The temperature stayed in the seventies while I got packed and ready to travel. The wind was also much calmer than the last couple of days.

I left my site right at the early 10AM checkout time. With no competition for the dump station, I took my time dumping and even flushing the tanks. It was about 10:20AM when I pulled out of the campground. I drove the thirty eight miles back to the park entrance at 50MPH, five miles below the speed limit. Killing time was the operative word for the day. I only had one hundred miles to travel and needed to give the site I was destine for to empty out.

My one stop was for gas in the Miami suburbs. The only station I could get in and out of easily was expensive. I paid $4.70 a gallon for gas. The average in the area is $4.20 and closer to $4.00 on the next leg of my journey. I didn’t fill the tank, but put in enough to give me options when I leave here on Saturday.

Site 9 at the Big Cypress Preserve Midway Campground.

I arrived at the Big Cypress Preserve Midway campground just before 1PM. The camp hosts were not around to check me in. The official check in time is 2PM. This is the same campground I stayed at on my way to the Everglades. I am on the same exact site for this stay, so I continued to my site and got setup. About 3PM I went back to the front of the campground and checked in.

The cell service isn’t very good here. During my stay ten days ago I had very limited Verizon service and no AT&T data service. This time around I don’t seem to have any Verizon service and I have limited AT&T data service for internet access. What’s different? I’m parked within 2 feet of my location ten days ago.

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