Planning Anxiety

Wednesday March 9th 2021

The rain storms were even more scattered today. Once again the storms went by to the east and the west. The strong breeze out of the south and southwest kept the humid upper eighties temperature in check. Tomorrow and Friday are forecast to be similar with highs right around ninety. These temperatures are about ten degrees higher than normal for this time of year in this area.

I was up early this morning to make another reservation for next winter. This mornings attempt was unsuccessful. There were only two sites to choose from at the state park I was interested in booking. The cumbersome Web interface software and I suspect an under powered server got in the way. I was met with the dreaded “Site is already booked” message. Not surprisingly my attempts to find a site at other state parks in the central part of the state proved unsuccessful. I’ll need to book a commercial campground to fill in the gap once I get a state park or other public park site booked.

Getting the next few weeks for next winter booked is going to be difficult. Late February and March are prime season. I will have to get lucky at 8AM on the start of each 11 month booking window. The complication is internet access. Once I leave here next Monday, I’ll be staying at places in and around the Everglades that have very poor cell phone service. I’m not sure how I’m going to pull off the necessary minor miracle.

Working on plans for this summer is also full of questions. The ever increasing price of gas is adding to the cost. The increase in gas cost over the last week represents an increase of fifteen cents per mile of travel in my motorhome. Considering that the price of gas hasn’t peaked yet, it is likely the cost per mile will be twenty to twenty five cents above last year. That is between one and two thousand dollars for the year. The price of a night at a campground has also increased over the last two years. Just about every campground has gone up a few dollars. Some commercial campgrounds that were in the low fifties per night in 2019 are in the mid seventies per night this year. The pandemic produced a need for the limited supply of campsites that resulted in an increase in the cost per night. The campgrounds are getting it, they remain full most nights.

I don’t like the increase in cost, but I can adjust to it and absorb the costs. My bigger concern is the availability of fuel. If shortages develop and long lines or worse rationing come into play, I don’t want to be thousands of miles away from places I can hole up with minimum travel. For the winter, those places are in the south. The question becomes should I risk going all the way to the Dakotas this summer? If I don’t go that far north, where do I go?

For today’s activities, I broke up my walks to take pictures of the birds with a run to Walmart for groceries. I’m good with food supplies for another week.

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