Now It is a Water Outage

Tuesday March 8th 2022

Today’s rain storms were more scattered than Monday’s. It was a humid day with a high temperature in the mid 80s, but rain was threatening all day. At any point in time during the day dark clouds were somewhere on the horizon. So far today, this area has been lucky and avoided all of the rain.

Blossom of the day.

My day started off by finishing up yesterday’s uncompleted task. The power outage in this area prevented me from writing and publishing my blog entry. I rectified that problem as I finished my morning coffee. Once I finished posting the blog entry I continued with my normal internet reading routine. It was well afternoon before I came up for air and my first walk of the day. My tentative plan to make a grocery run were set aside.

Wet clouds to the east.

The excitement in the campground today was water not electric. Water pressure kept getting worse all day. By the supper hour there was no water in half the campground. The camp hosts visited every site and delivered the bad news that even though they had reported the problem, no time line for getting it fixed was available. A short outage will be a minor impact to me. I have water in my tank and a working water pump. I wonder if fixing my water pump yesterday had a bad karma impact on the campground water system?

As I finished writing this blog entry, I had a knock on the door. It was on of the campground hosts informing me that the water was back, but it should be boiled for the next twenty four hours. Apparently the pump needed to be primed. Possibly because of last nights power outage.

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