More Wandering at Rainbow Springs State Park

Wednesday February 16th 2022

The cold weather pattern of the last few weeks is gone for now. The overnight temperature only got down into the mid to high forties and today was a beautiful day. The temperature got into the upper seventies with only a few fluffy clouds in the sky. Tomorrow and Friday are forecast to be in the eighties.

Clear water.

I’m struggling a little bit establishing a pattern to my days at this new location. The hindrance is a little thing we take for granted; Internet access. My cell phone does not have a reliable data connection, so I can’t read all of the things I usually read with my morning coffee. It means I’m ready for my first walk of the day much earlier and consequently I’m back at my RV home earlier as well. To fill the additional time I took a third walk today.

As a side note, to publish this blog entry I use my Verizon MiFi device. It has an external MIMO antenna that can establish a decent connection with the distant cell tower. I have a 15GB data cap on the device, so I’m self rationing my usage to keep some level of high speed internet access throughout my stay here. If I get into real internet withdrawal, I can always buy more data.

Kayaks and pontoon boats supporting snorkelers.
A snorkeler and a free swimmer.

There was a lot more activity on the river today. In addition to all the kayaks and canoes, today I saw a couple of dive boats. They were hosting a number of people on a snorkeling adventure in the river just up stream from the campground. The snorkelers weren’t the only ones in the water. Two swimmers were in the river swimming up river against the current. I don’t know how deep the water is in this area, but they were alone without anyone spotting from a boat.

I also found a marked nature trail today. Unlike yesterday’s unmarked trails north of the campground, this one was on the south side of the campground access road. It had plenty of little arrows along the trail to keep you going in the right direction. There were also a few benches to take a break from walking. What I didn’t see was any animal nature, just plants and trees. I didn’t even hear any birds along the trail.

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