Settling in at Rainbow Springs State Park

Tuesday February 15th 2022

The temperature got down to just above freezing last night. The inside temperature was in the forties this morning. Adding to the chill this morning was the cloud cover. It was mid morning before the sun broke through for a short period of bright sunshine. By mid afternoon a high level of clouds returned to filter the sunshine. The temperature made up to about seventy.

Mr. Wood Duck

This was my day to get settled in and acclimated to the new location. For the first time this winter I’m at a park that I haven’t visited before. I had new territory to explore. The park is nice and I’m sure I’ll enjoy my stay. It just isn’t what I expected. Unlike the Silver River on the other side of Ocala, the Rainbow River has a lot of development along it. The head waters are about six miles up river from here. You can not walk there. The land between here and there has a housing development and I think a golf course. Across the river from the campground part of the State Park is all developed with large homes.

The river is about a quarter mile from my campsite along paved paths and roads. The river access has a kayak/canoe launch area and a swimming area. During the warmer weather a tube ride concession also uses the area. Today a few kayaks were using the launch area. Just like the Silver River the Rainbow river has very clear water and a swift current.

Wildflower blossoms of the day.
Fish in the clear water.

Out behind my campsite to the south there are many trails and access roads. They are not marked and a map isn’t available. I wandered down one of the trails and found another much more isolated river access. My surroundings were trees and bushes, but across the river were more homes with large covered boat docks. I will be exploring the trails more during my stay.

Mr. and Mrs. Wood Duck.
Mrs. Wood Duck.

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