Settling in at Silver Springs State Park

Tuesday February 1st 2022

The day began after another cold night. It was in the low forties inside my RV home this morning. The temperature climbed into the low seventies my mid afternoon. Overall the weather is on a warming trend. High temperatures in the eighties are possible later in the week.

Looking up the Silver River toward the headwaters at Silver Springs two miles away.
Looking down the Silver River toward the confluence with the Ocklawaha River a little over 3 miles away. The entire Silver River is only 5.2 miles long.

Today’s focus was on settling in at Silver Springs State Park. This is the kind of campground I like best. The sites are large and well separated by both distance and trees. In the hot weather the trees are a big positive, but in the colder weather they are a bit of a drawback. The shade from the trees kept the sun from helping to warm my RV home this morning. They are also preventing me from getting at satellite TV signal. Even so, I like this campground and this campsite.

Like most Florida State Parks there are a number of hiking trails to explore. I took the River trail to the Silver River twice today. With the distance from my campsite to the trail head included the river is over a mile away. The trail reaches the river at a bend two miles from the headwaters at the famous Silver Springs. This morning I sat on a bench enjoying the tranquility of the river until an armada of kayaks came around the bend heading downriver. They choose to stop and take a break right where I was sitting. The chaos of landing and securing sixteen kayaks was too much for me. I headed back up the trail to my RV home.

My second hike of the day back to the river was as the sun was getting lower in the sky, but early enough so I’d be back home before dark. I hoped to repeat last winter’s experience of seeing deer along the trail. There were too many other people out hiking including one couple with two big dogs for the deer to be near the trail. At the river the water was once again tranquil and all of the kayakers were gone for the day. The fish and birds owned the river again.

Late in the day picture of the bend in the Silver River 2 miles from the headwater at Silver Springs.

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