Travel North to Silver Springs State Park

Monday January 31st 2022

The overnight temperature got down to near or below freezing again last night. It was in the forties inside when I got up. My little space heater along with the bright sun coming through the windows warmed the inside into the seventies by 9AM.

This was a travel day. I had about sixty five miles to travel north to Silver Springs State Park east of Ocala Florida. The relatively short travel distance and the late checkout time allowed me to prepare for departure at a leisurely pace. I pulled out of Lake Louisa State Park at 12:30AM.

Site 14 at Silver Springs State Park.

It may have been a short travel distance, but it was along the time of roads I dislike the most. US Route 27 north from Clermont is very congested. Most of way is lined with various types of businesses with traffic lights and intersections around every bend or knoll. This type of road means I have to slow and stop my heavy motorhome frequently. The occupants of passenger cars don’t appreciate the danger they create by cutting in front of me. I always have hard stops on these types of roads. Today I had several, but at least none were of the panic variety.

I missed one turn onto a road that would have cut around the city of Ocala. As a result I drove a little longer than planned right through the center of the city. I actually saw the signs for the turn, but I couldn’t believe I was supposed to turn onto the narrow traffic filled road. I arrived at Silver Springs State Park around 2:30PM. I’ll be here for the next two weeks.

This hawk was on hand to great me.

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