A Disappointing Day

Tuesday December 14th 2021

Unpredictable weather resulted in a disappointing day. Yesterday, the forecast for today was for partly cloudy and warm. What we got was a little different. The day began foggy and dull. Slowly as the morning progressed the fog lifted to low cloud cover then just cloudy. Around 12:30 the day started to brighten and I got ready to start the active portion of my day. Before I got out of the park thick dark clouds were arriving from the east along with a few drops of rain. The plan for outdoor activity was not looking bleak. The weather radar showed some a few showers moving in from the east. I decided to return to the dry confines of my RV home.

The rain never happened. It remained cloudy and threatening most of the afternoon. At 5PM as the sun was starting to approach the western horizon there were a lot of large gaps in the cloud cover. The moon was visible in one of the gaps and the setting sun was highlighting the clouds to the west. Tomorrow is forecast to follow a similar pattern.

With the exception of a couple of walks around the campground most of my day was spent chancing various chains of information on the internet and watching TV. On my walk around the sixty campsites I’m starting to see a few Christmas decorations. My neighbor has a cute blow up dog with a Santa hat.

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