A Visit to Disney Springs

Monday December 13th 2021

After yesterdays ominous weather at the end of the day, it was nice to see another nice day this morning. It was a sunny day with an occasional cloud or two passing overhead. The temperature peaked around eighty.

I spent most of the day around my RV home enjoying the park and catching up on a few errands. Toward evening I headed out to Disney Springs to view some of Christmas decorations. Traffic in the theme park area was about normal for late afternoon. It took a little over half an hour to get through all of the traffic lights. The Orange parking garage had plenty of room giving me hope it wouldn’t be too busy. After getting trough security and out into Disney Springs, I found it to be very crowded at 5PM.

Dragon in front of the Lego Store at Disney Springs

The theme decorated Christmas Trees that were in one area are now scattered through out the shopping, dinning and entertainment complex. I think I found all of them, but I didn’t keep track on the scavenger hunt like map that many people were using. The Star Wars themed tree and the Toy Story themed tree were my favorites. The detail that makes the trees unique didn’t get captured in my pictures. The tree lights drowned out the creative ornaments.

I bought a take out Fish & Chips meal from Cooks of Dublin for supper. Finding a place to sit and eat out of the flow was difficult. I found a seat on the side of a planter near one of the entertainment areas. There were at least three areas with live entertainment for the holiday season. The rest of the park has piped in Christmas music playing in the background.

The stores I went into have been reconfigured with more open space. The Christmas shop had very few displays in the center of the room. Most of the merchandise was along the walls. The World of Disney Store was reconfigured with well defined Entry and Exit doors. I suspect all of these changes are accommodations for the pandemic. Masks were required in all inside locations.

After walking from one end of Disney Springs to the other and back, having supper and watching a little entertainment, I headed home. My Christmas decoration viewing itch had been scratched and I got some people watching in as an added extra. The trip home was also through heavy traffic. Last year at this time, traffic was far less. People are clearly traveling to the Orlando area again.

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