Weather, Traffic and Airplane Noise

Monday October 25th 2021

It rained overnight resulting in a very dreary morning. When I got up this morning the clouds were very low. It wasn’t fog, but it was a very dull day. Large puddles in the road indicated there was more than light rain overnight. The weather improved slowly throughout the day. It was late afternoon before the sun started to find openings in the cloud cover. Tomorrow is forecast to be a sunny day.

The sky started to lighten up after the noon hour.

A major traffic back up on the Interstate 95 southbound lane kept me at home in the RV park today. When I started out I found the stopped traffic and its impact. The road the RV park is located on was being used by motorists to bailout of the southbound I95 traffic. Knowledgeable drivers can use the road in both directions as a shortcut to the I295 beltway. Unfortunately, all of the traffic had resulted in grid lock. I made a U-turn before I got into the middle of the traffic mess and returned to my RV home. A couple of hours later, when I was getting my daily exercise walking around the RV park, traffic on Interstate 95 was still barely moving. I don’t know if it was an accident or the construction at the intersection of I95 with the 295 beltway. It was probably both.

Stopped traffic on Interstate 95 this afternoon.

Part of the process of getting settled in at a new location is learning the schedule of services at an RV park and getting used to the noises. It turns out that Monday is lawn maintenance day. An outside service does the job with a crew of at least ten guys, several trucks, mowers and other noisy equipment. It wasn’t to bad today, but the lawn in my area of the RV park didn’t need mowing so they didn’t do much near my Motorhome. I haven’t determined which day of the week the noise rubbish pickup takes place. The truck will pass my site, but probably I won’t hear the actual emptying of the dumpsters.

One of the many full size commercial jets taking off from Jacksonville International Airport.

I have pretty much gotten used to the sound of the passing jets as the take off and land at Jacksonville International Airport. The average commercial jets make a distinct noise that I’m already able to pass off. Even though I hear it I don’t react. Some of the smaller regional jets make a higher pitched noise that draw my attention, but I should be able to get used to. The Florida Air National Guard fighters are another matter. This morning six took off at the breakfast hour. They come in groups of two. Each aircraft in the pair is separated by a few seconds from its partner. The extra loud sound of the high speed take off from one aircraft just starts to fade when the second one grows in intensity. A minute or two later the pattern repeats for the next set of two. I guess I should be thankful they weren’t doing full power takeoffs with bone shaking sonic booms.

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