Restocking My Food Supply

Sunday October 24th 2021

Most of the day was under bright blue sky. Late in the afternoon the clouds arrived ahead of some forecast overnight rain. The temperature peaked a little above the average in the low eighties.

My food supply was getting low this morning. It had been close to two weeks since I visited a grocery store back in Mississippi. This morning I finished off the last of my bread and I didn’t have anything out of the freezer for dinner. A trip for groceries was needed. I tend to go for groceries when I need to without considering the prudence of the task. Grocery shopping on Sundays is a challenge. For some reason it is a very busy grocery shopping day. \

The Walmart I frequent for groceries in this area was both busy and under going a remodel. Areas of the store were empty of everything including the shelves and blocked off. It looks like they were redoing the floor. Merchandise was moved around and compressed into a smaller area. It made stuff harder to find and very congested with all the people in the store. The store has also changed to a mostly self service checkout model, but I managed to find one of the few staffed checkouts without a major line.

At the RV park in the afternoon I got in my second walk of the day. This park is spread out over a large area along the side of Interstate 95. From the entrance to the newer back area it is about a mile. When I walk around the perimeter of the front and back areas, I travel about two miles. It is good exercise and occasionally the drainage ponds have interesting wildlife to observe.

This RV park is mainly occupied by people staying more than a night or two. I recognize a few of the RVs from my stay in June. Everything is kept very neat and organized, so it is hard to identify truly long term residents. I believe there is a mixture of full time RVers staying a month or two like me, snowbirds in Florida for the winter and people using the park for temporary living arrangements. I observed a wide variety of states of origin based on license plates. The furthest distance of travel I saw was Oregon and Idaho. I also saw Arizona, Nevada and Kansas that don’t match the typical origins for winter Floridians. Other than Florida, Virginia seems to be a very popular home state for the RVs in the park.

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