Travel Day to Jacksonville

Friday October 22nd 2021

I was up with the sun, which is around 7AM in this area, to get ready for my travel day. It was a warm and humid morning as I packed up and got ready to travel. The plan was to leave as close to the 11AM checkout time to arrive at my destination one hundred miles away after the 1PM check in time. I succeeded in departing at 10:50AM, but not without a few odd mistakes getting things set for travel.

As a solo traveler, I am in the habit of checking everything twice or more getting ready. Traveling couples can double check each other, but I don’t have that luxury. Usually when I recheck things everything was done right the first time. This morning I wasn’t on top of my game. I found windows that I hadn’t shut and a water pressure regulator I forgot to properly stow. Those were little things that wouldn’t have caused serious consequences, but one of my lapses would have had resulted in disaster. I had neglected to put one of the locking pins in the tow bar for towing the car. All of my double and triple checking really paid off this morning.

My only stop on today’s journey was at a gas station a couple of exits south of my starting point. Once again I only put in one credit card pass worth of fuel. This time, in addition to a probably futile hope that the price will go down, I was frustrated by the pump. The handle would not lock in the on position. I had to hold the leaver in for almost five minutes as the tank filled. My hand was starting to cramp.

Construction on Interstate 10 as it approaches the Interstate 295 beltway along with heavy traffic lead to me miss the exit. I had to continue further toward the downtown area. I could have continued to Interstate 95 in the downtown area, but found an exit to reverse direction. The beltway around the northwest quadrant of the city had less traffic.

Site 28 at Pecan Park RV Resort in Jacksonville Florida.

I arrived at Pecan Park RV Resort near the Jacksonville Airport around 1:15PM. I was assigned a different site than the one I thought I reserved, but it is likely to my advantage. This site, near the front of the park, is further from the Interstate 95 highway noise and doesn’t have any rear neighbors. On the down side, it is closer to the Jacksonville Airport runway approach noise and it is on a busier road. I’ll be here until the last week of November.

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