Raining Nuts

Thursday October 21st 2021

The overnight temperatures were a little warmer Wednesday night leading to a warmer start to the day. It was a more humid day with a high temperature in the mid eighties. According to the TV weather talkers it is about five degrees above normal for the time of year.

Gazebo on a little island in the RV park lake.

My RV home is parked with the back few feet under the canopy of a huge Oak tree. At some times of year that would provide welcome shade. Right now, it is the source of annoyance. At random times during the day or night it drops acorns onto my RV roof. This little nuts land with a loud echoing plonk or thud depending on where they land. Once I new what was happening, they weren’t bothersome, but even with knowledge they are still startling. Between the breeze and hungry squirrels quite a few nuts have bounced off my roof.

Large Oak tree partially hanging over my RV home.
Some of the little “bombs” the tree is raining down on my roof.

The transient section of this RV park is close to full again tonight. It was similarly full on Tuesday night when I arrived. Yesterday seemed to be an off day for overnight visitors. I had the only RV in my row until one arrived well after dark. I wonder what travel pattern caused the Wednesday anomaly.

I am moving on to my first real Florida winter stop tomorrow. It is about one hundred miles to the Jacksonville area. I’ll be there until the end of November. I’m looking forward to a longer period in one location and I’m developing a list of things I want to get done.

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