Return to Florida

Tuesday October 19th 2021

The cold morning trend continued today. I was up early to get ready for the travel day, but had to keep moving to stay warm. As a consequence, I was ready to travel earlier than planned. It was on the road a little around 10AM for my 190 mile travel day.

I made one stop for gas shortly after I got on the road. The price per gallon at the Love’s station was only a penny higher than Sunday’s purchase in Alabama. Some of the other stations in the area were more than ten cents higher. Once again I only put one credit card swipe of about 40 gallons in the tank. Since I hadn’t checked the web or one of the price tracking Aps, I had a fleeting hope that the price would be cheaper in Florida. When I checked the Web this evening I found fuel prices were another 5 cents higher. It doesn’t make a big difference (about $3.00 for a full tank) in the overall scheme of things, but it is annoying.

Traffic along the way was heavy, but it kept moving. There was a steady flow of big trucks to deal with. Most of them were going faster than I was, but every now and then I encountered one going slower. Getting around a slow moving truck with faster trucks passing almost continuously in the next lane was often challenging. It was a little after 1PM when I arrived at the Florida Welcome center. I got my thee ounces of free Orange Juicy to celebrate my return. I left Florida at the beginning of July. I plan to be in the state until at least the middle of April.

Site 39 at the Jennings KOA Holiday.

I’m at the Jennings KOA Holiday in Jennings Florida. The campground is on the side of Interstate 75 a few miles south of the state line. I’ve stayed here a couple of other times. I am on the same site I was on during my last stay in June of this year. I’ll be here until Friday.

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