Back in the Eastern Time Zone

Monday October 18th 2021

It was another cold morning. The outside temperature got down into the low to mid forties overnight. It was fifty inside my RV home when I woke this morning. I turned on the electric fireplace to raise the temperature a little, but I counted on the sun to do most of the warming. It took until noon to break the seventy degree mark inside. Outside it only got to the low seventies by the end of the afternoon.

Today was planned as a day of rest after yesterday’s long travel day. It also turned in to an acclimation to the new time zone day. Today was my first day back in the eastern time zone after three and a half months in the central time zone. I grew up and spent most of my life in the eastern time zone, so when I’m in other zones I’m always doing some comparison and translation. Even so, today had some of the typical disorientation associated with crossing into a new time zone west to east. The biggest factor is not having an accurate sense of time during the day. I am sure it will be resolved in a day or two, only to be replaced by a different kind of temporal confusion with the return to standard time in a couple of weeks.

The campground was close to full last night and it is again tonight. During the day more than half the sites were empty. This park is very much a night or two stop along the way. Most of the RVs are from states along the Interstate 75 corridor from Michigan to Florida.

During an early afternoon walk around the campground, I saw more Canadian Geese than people. The small pond at the front of campground was surrounded by geese. It looks like several pairs of geese raised there families without any attrition. I stopped counting around fifty.

I am moving another 190 miles south tomorrow. I’ll be back in Florida for the first time since the beginning of July when I stop for three nights just south of the state line. On Friday I’ll continue east to the Jacksonville area for a longer stay. Let my winter Florida itinerary begin.

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