From Fog to Sunshine

Thursday October 7th 2021

The day began with the cloud cover at ground level. By midday the sun had won the battle with the fog to produce a nice sunny day. It was the first day since Monday that I didn’t have to be concerned about the weather. The temperature peaked in the upper seventies.

The peace and quiet of the campground was interrupted today by lawn mowing day. This necessary and perfectly normal activity continues to annoy me. There isn’t a lot of grass in the immediate area of my site, but the noise from the mower, trimmer and leaf blower carried throughout the area. It looks nicer after it is mowed and walking through the grass areas doesn’t produce wet shoes with shorter grass. Why I continue to have a negative reaction when I hear the mower remains a mystery.

A few light fluffy clouds dotted the sky.

Today was a chore day around the RV combined with a travel preparation day. I’m moving on in the morning. Between the chores I got in a couple of walks around the park. The boat launch was active with fishermen putting in their boats. It is interesting that most of boats seem to be occupied by solo fishermen. They must fish alone often, because they seem to have the task of launching and landing the boat down to a well orchestrated dance. I’ve watched teams have a lot more difficulty.

I begin my two hundred mile detour to find an open campsite in the morning. My goal is to get started about 10AM. I have a reservation for a week at Sam’s Town Casino RV park. Casino RV parks don’t draw families with kids, so the holiday weekend and school vacation week aren’t an issue getting a reservation. The detour is a necessary consequence of not planning at least a couple of weeks to a month ahead.

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