Sleepy Wednesday

Wednesday October 6th 2021

The treat of heavy rain showers remained ever present throughout the day. A couple of brief showers passed through during the afternoon and more are possible this evening. For the most part the majority of the heavy showers are passing south to north to the east of my location. There is even a tornado watch in that area. Additional storms in this area are not out of the question.

A little blue sky with lots of clouds to the east.

During the day yesterday most of the rain was to my west. This area got its turn last night. Heavy rain began around 8:30PM and finally let up about 3:30AM. I know because I was awake for most of it. It wasn’t out of concern for my safety or potential storm damage. It was primarily the noise on the RV roof. For some reason I couldn’t tune it out last night. There were also very interesting thunder booms with accompanying light shows. I think it was 4AM before sleep came.

Muddy water from the strom.

This morning there was plenty of evidence of last nights storm. New leaves and twigs with leaves attached littered the ground. Mud and dirt runoff pooled in low lying areas. A few puddles of standing water remained. The shallow cove off the Tennessee River in front of my area of the campground was brown from the mud runoff in the water. I think the water level in the river was a little higher as well.

Lack of sleep last night made for a very low energy day. I still managed to get a long walk in around the campground, but ended up taking an unplanned nap when I got back to my RV home. A revelation of trip planning success for the next week didn’t happen. I ended up booking a week back in western Mississippi starting Friday. I’ll return to the Mussel Shores area of Alabama for the following weekend before making a beeline for central Georgia with a long travel day. This will get me back on track to arrive in the Jacksonville area for my month long reservation on the 22nd of October. Chattanooga and eastern Tennessee will have to wait for another trip.

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