Football Sunday

Sunday September 26th 2021

The nice early fall weather continued today. There were a few more clouds during the middle of the day, but the sky was back to cloudless by evening. The temperature peaked a little above eighty with very little breeze all day.

This was the first Sunday that I have been able to watch the NFL games on TV. The first Sunday of the season I didn’t have any TV reception and last Sunday I was traveling most of the day. I am not an over the top football fan, but I do enjoy following the game. Most weekends I’ll catch bits and pieces of games. Today, I watched more than usual to catch up for the lack of exposure over the first two weeks of the season. The local teams in this market seem to be the Tennessee Titans and the Atlanta Falcons. I hoped this area claimed the New Orleans Saints as a home team so I could see their game against New England Patriots. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, I didn’t get to see the Patriots loss.

I need to set my alarm clock to get back on a decent sleep schedule. I’ve been getting up at 10 in the morning. At night it is closer to 2AM before I get to sleep. When you don’t have any specific plans it is easy to get out of sync. Today the day felt particularly skewed with the football pregame shows starting before I finished breakfast.

The weekend guests at this RV park departed this morning. A couple more look like they are leaving in the morning. It will be back to the empty during the day and near full at night cycle starting tomorrow. According to my original plan I would have been one of the people departing tomorrow. Yesterday I extended my reservation until Friday, but in my head this has seemed like my last day. Once I don’t leave tomorrow I should be back in mental alignment.

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