A Routine Day with Lots of Little Tasks

Saturday September 25th 2021

The weather is gradually warming up. It wasn’t as cool overnight, although it was still very comfortable for sleeping. Today’s high temperature was closer to eighty under bright blue sky with low humidity.

My day was filled with lots of little tasks. It was after five before I came up for air and to eat. One of the tasks was making a reservation in the Florida Everglades for next March based on my research earlier this week. That leaves one more five day reservation to make when the six month reservation window opens later this month to fill all the nights between the end of October and the middle of April. The summer of 2022 is the next challenge. Other tasks that filled my day included washing the sink full of dirty dishes and doing a few maintenance tasks around my RV home.

The campground remains full this weekend. When I stopped in at the office to extend my stay until Friday, the host indicated that the business had picked up with the arrival of fall. There isn’t anything specific going on in the area that is drawing people. Fall is apparently a popular time for travel in this area.

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