A Couple of Accomplishments Today

Saturday August 28th 2021

The weather pattern of a nearly cloudless sky, high humidity and temperature in the high nineties changed today. There were plenty of clouds in the sky to block the sun from time to time. The temperature and humidity were also a little lower. It peaked in the low to mid nineties instead of the upper nineties.

More clouds dotted the sky today.

I was up early this morning to make sure I caught the local weather forecast. The hurricane didn’t make any dramatic moves over night and it continued to follow the expected path during the day. As long as it doesn’t do anything completely unexpected, I should be alright staying here. The current forecast for this area is up to an inch of rain with wind gusts as high as 25mph. As always I’ll continue to monitor the situation.

Another reason for getting up early was to make another reservation for next March in one of the federal controlled parks in Florida. The reservation window for federal controlled parks like the Army Crop of Engineers parks is six months. I was unsuccessful at my first attempt, but was able to get my second choice. As of now I have reservations from October 22nd to March 14th in Florida. March 14th to April 2nd remain open. On September 14th I’ll try to fill in the next fourteen days.

The Canadian Geese were back today. Yesterday they were somewhere else. I counted more than sixty today.

Another of today’s task was refilling the refrigerator and pantry. It has been more than two weeks since my last grocery run. When I go that long, I usually make a shopping list to make sure I get the more obscure items I’ve consumed. Today I forgot to bring the list to the store, but only managed to miss one of the items on the list. The act of creating the list is more important that actually using it.

The Walmart in this area has been updated. Earlier in the year Walmart announced they were upgrading their stores to align with the online shopping experience and the Walmart App. It sounds like nonsense to me. There is new signage over each aisle and some things may have been moved around. The change I have the biggest issue with is the checkouts. At this Walmart there were only a small handful of checkouts that had people assigned. The majority of the checkouts were self service. To rub in the change in the level of service the signs have been changed. Instead of calling them self service checkouts the sign calls the do it yourself registers “checkouts”. The old staffed registers are know called “Assisted Checkouts”. It seems they want you to believe that you are incapable if you want the service that is built into the cost of the items your buying. Why should I give them my labor and my money? It isn’t any faster or more convenient. Once they get to point where taking an item off the shelf and putting it into my cart rings up the sale, I’ll consider it progress.

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