Storm Watch

Friday August 27th 2021

I got a late start to the day. The shaded location of my campsite doesn’t allow enough sun in to brighten the inside of my RV home. Combined with the quiet of the location, it was after 10AM before I was up and moving. I found a bright sunny day that eventually peaked in the upper nineties once I opened all the blinds in my RV home.

My main concern today was getting a handle on approaching tropical system Ida. It is moving fast enough that I’d have to move tomorrow (Saturday) if this area is in the cross hairs. The projected track remains pretty stable east of here. That puts the Little Rock area on the drier side of the storm. The local TV weather talkers are talking about scattered thunderstorms resulting in about an inch or rain for Little Rock and points west. Near the Mississippi River, where I was earlier in the week, six to eight inches of rain are possible. As of now, I’m sticking it out here while I continue to monitor the forecast. Running west toward Oklahoma is still a possibility.

While I’ve managed to escape the brunt of all of the tropical systems that I’ve encountered on my Rambling Road Trip, my record is about fifty-fifty on making the best decisions. In 2016, I didn’t run from Hurricane Hermine. I was in Jacksonville FL when the hurricane came ashore in the Florida Big Bend area. The wind and rain in the Jacksonville area made for some tense hours, but no real danger. Later that year I correctly and successfully ran from Hurricane Matthew.

I was in the west during the 2017 and 2019 hurricane seasons. In 2018 I was in the northeast until after the official hurricane season ended, but had a couple of storms come up the coast that needed a little attention. Last year (2020) there were two near misses that I could have made better decisions. I was close enough on the east side of Hurricane Sally to get flooded out of the campground I was staying in. The campground staff moved everyone in the campground to another campground after several campsites were under several inches of water. The site I was on would have been fine.

In November of 2020 I was in the Florida Keys when Hurricane Eta approached Florida. I left Curry Hammock State Park a day early to avoid the storm, but probably should have departed even earlier. After two days of traveling north in the outer bands of the tropical system I stopped in Titusville Florida on the assumption that I was safe. Two days later the storm had looped around and was heading straight for me. It slipped north and weakened before having more impact on me.

This year I’ve already run from one tropical system. At the beginning of July I departed a day early to run west away from Hurricane Elsa. That proved to be the right solution. The area I departed got several inches of rain. I did not feel the impact of Elsa in Louisiana, but got plenty of rain from other sources. Escaping from the storm to the west changed my entire summer travel approach. Now I have Ida to deal with.

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