Wet Day Results in a Short Blog Entry

Wednesday August 18th 2021

A strong thunderstorm passed through the area last night. The sound of thunder and the flashes of lightening were entertaining for a few minutes before I returned to sleep. I didn’t hear a lot of rain, but there were plenty of puddles this morning. Most of the morning hours were dry, but another storm system arrived just before noon. It rained at a moderate pace for about two hours before we got another break. The last storm system of the day arrived around sunset and lasted about an hour. The bottom line is it was a rainy day. The temperature only reached the low eighties.

Rain and puddles.

Most of my day was spent indoors. I got one short walk in during the afternoon break in the rain. A number of people were checking into the hotel while I was near the lobby area. The RV park seems to be just the opposite. Most of last nights residents in the RV park departed this morning and only a couple of new rigs arrived this evening. The rain is expected to continue along a similar pattern the next couple of days.

Blossom of the Day

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