Lawn Mowing Day

Tuesday August 17th 2021

It was another partly cloudy day with a high temperature a little warmer than Monday. The temperature peaked around ninety with plenty of humidity. The forecast calls for more scattered showers over the next couple of days.

Today was mowing day around the resort. This morning around 8AM the sound of a gas powered trimmer filtered in through my bedroom window. The sound kept getting louder until I could see the operator out the window only a few feet away. It’s not the best way to start the day. On the positive side, it did get me out of bed at a decent hour. While I was having breakfast the guy was back on the lawn mower creating even more noise. Three hours or so later he was back with a blower to clean the cut grass off the cement. The sound of lawn mowing in RV parks and campgrounds really gets on my nerves. For some reason, I want to go away and hide until the mowing is over. I have to admit it looks nice when they are done.

It is sad when the most interesting picture I took today was of the clouds in the sky.

Finding a place to stay this weekend got the better of me today. I decided to stay here another week to give me a little more lead time. This is an OK place, but if you aren’t spending a lot of time in the casinos, there isn’t a lot to do. I haven’t been in the casino in the five nights I’ve been here. With another week here, I’ll probably make a visit or two. I’ll also get out and drive through the cotton and corn fields that fill the ground between the casinos looking for interesting things to do.

My neighbor seems to represent the average visitor to this RV park. They stay a couple of nights and visit the casinos from late in the afternoon until late at night. I’m sure it includes a nice meal during the visit. In the case of my neighbor they make a lot of noise when they return.

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