Relaxing Saturday

Saturday August 7th 2021

Today was a more normal day temperature wise for the area. It was around ninety degrees with plenty of humidity. What breeze we had came from the south bringing more heat and humidity with it. It still didn’t come close to the extremes of last weekend.

I was surprised by last nights visitors to the RV park. My speculation was that most of the people were here for the weekend. This morning far more people than I thought departed. There were still more RVs in the park than a week day morning, but more than I expected were only overnight stoppers. Interestingly this afternoon and evening more RVs arrived than left this morning. There are more people here tonight than last night. I expect most everyone will be gone by checkout tomorrow. I still have another two nights.

Today was only a walk and a half day. My first walk of the day wasn’t until well after the lunch hour. It was hot, but I managed to complete a circuit of the RV park. Boat traffic on the river today wasn’t heavy. I didn’t see any boats during my firsts walk, The last few days I’ve taken a second walk around the RV park in the evening. Today it was only about half of a loop around the park. I hurried out of my RV home to get to the river’s edge to watch one of today’s only big tug and barge setups go my. Once the boat was well past my location, I cut the walk short and returned home.

I spent my inside time today working on travel options. The labor day holiday weekend is only a few weeks away. I have to get a plan and reservations in place soon. One thing or another keeps me from committing to a real plan.

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