A Day of Watching

Friday August 6th 2021

There was no breeze today and a high cloud level kept the sun from beating down most of the day. The result was a warmer less comfortable day. It was a humid day with the high temperature in the upper eighties. Tomorrow is forecast to be warmer.

I spent most of the day doing a lot of watching. Most of the watching was in the Mississippi River. The tugs and barges were a little more frequent today. The deep throb of the tugs engines as it pushes the barges against the current gives an early warning on approaches from the south. The tugs from the north don’t make nearly as much noise. They are often almost passed by the time I see them.

The other thing I was watching today was a few of the contests from the Olympic games in Tokyo. I haven’t been in the right area to received the NBC over the air broadcast, so I’ve been restricted to seeing the coverage of the Olympics on the Satellite Cable channels. The bottom line is you get to see some real different sports. This morning I turned on the channel to see a woman hanging from a fake rock wall. It was a rock climbing competition. I’ve also seen a lot of equestrian events, water polo, hand ball, table tennis and fencing just to name a few. Some are interesting, but others are just plain head scratchers. Why are some of these things sports let alone Olympic sports. I can only assume that they have an audience, but in this pandemic time the stands are empty.

This campground is a little more occupied tonight than the last few. The main areas seem to be filled and an area that appears to be lesser used has a few RVs. I don’t know what percentage is caused by the weekend vs. just overnight. Some of today’s arrivals have obviously been here before. They arrived at their sites from the opposite direction so they could face their windows toward the river.

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