Watching the River

Monday July 26th 2021

Just like yesterday, the temperature reached the high nineties today. The difference was a higher chance of rain. It clouded over several times and dropped a minute or two of rain a couple of times. Some areas in the region may have received a real downpour.

I had to really think hard to know what day of the week it was and the time of day. The TV reception here doesn’t include any of the major networks. I’m mostly watching the channels provided by my satellite dish. There is no pattern to keep me organized. Watching obscure Olympic sports at 8AM doesn’t tell me much about the day of the week or the time. I’m used to morning news until 9AM and other standard programming throughout the day to keep me moving. Today it was well after noon when I looked at the clock and got the active part of my day started.

It was too late to head for the battlefield tour and one of the big black clouds was in that direction. Taking the tour in a downpour wasn’t very attractive either. Instead I went over to the Mississippi River and watched the boat traffic on the river for a little while. The easiest way to get to the river is to visit one of the casinos. All of the casinos in Mississippi are riverboats or some other pretense to a boat. There are at least four casinos in Vicksburg. Sitting in the casino parking lot with the car AC running at full blast, I watched the river long enough to see one tow heading up river. The river was really living up to its Big Muddy nickname.

When I got back to the campground later in the afternoon the park had started to fill up again. Last night it was as full as I’ve seen it since I got here last week. Tonight it doesn’t seem to be near as full, but it does confirm this is a travelers park.

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