A Short Visit to the Vicksburg National Military Park

Sunday July 25th 2021

After leisurely enjoying breakfast and catching up on my reading, I ventured out to the Vicksburg Military Park. My goal was to tour the visitors center and drive the tour route. I was partially successful. There was a backup of cars at the start of the one way tour road, which made it look too busy. I’ll try again on a weekday.

I did tour the visitors center. The movie shown in the theater is the same as the one on the web site, so I didn’t watch it again. The exhibits were interesting, but didn’t add a lot of information. When I drive the tour route, I’ll take my time and read all of the information placards to get a better sense of the history. I enjoy Civil War history, but find it difficult to get excited about monuments memorializing the state military units that participated in the campaign. Getting an understanding of the tactics both successful and not is more interesting to me.

Back at the campground late in the afternoon the park began to fill up again. I’m now convinced this is a campground for travelers. Initially I thought most people were coming to visit the historic elements in the area like I did. That requires more than a single nights stay which is what most of the non long term RVs seem to remain at the campground. Besides the National Military Park the only other draw seems to be the four or five casinos along the river.

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