Midweek Doldrums

Wednesday June 2nd 2021

The weather pattern is changing toward the anticipated summer pattern. While the temperature was still in the low to mid eighties today, the humidity is increasing. A line of scattered showers passed through the area from the Atlantic this morning. This area missed the showers, but the sky to the north and east was very black for an hour or two. The forecast for tomorrow has it raining all day somewhere in the area, but it doesn’t sound like it will be raining all day in any specific area. I’m waiting to see what happens to know how I should have interpreted the broad forecast.

Blossom of the Day

My focus today was on a few chores and some relaxation. I didn’t venture out of the campground. I spent the morning sipping coffee and watching the campground empty. My site is located on the fifth row of sites. The rows behind my site are occupied by long term residents. The rows of sites in front turn over more frequently. During the week the park gets mostly travelers along Interstate 95 that stay one or two nights. Between the 11am checkout time and one or two in the afternoon the park looks very empty in my front window. In the other direction the park looks full. By the time darkness arrives most of the sites in the front part of the campground are filled. A few arrive after dark. Last night the site to my right was filled after 9PM and they started their big diesel engine to depart shortly after 7AM this morning.

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