More Egret Pictures

Tuesday June 1st 2021

How did June sneak up on me? It is a little bit of a shock to type June 1st into the date line of this blog entry and I’m still in the south.

Marsh along the St. Mary’s River

The weather was unseasonably cool today. A strong breeze off the Atlantic kept the high temperature for the day in the low eighties despite the bright sunshine and only a few clouds. The summer wet weather pattern hasn’t really settled in yet. There have been a couple of periods of hot, humid and almost summer weather pattern days, but for the most part it has been dry. Some areas of Florida are experiencing drought conditions and have burning bans in place.

I have a little less angst today after I committed to a travel plan for the next month. Until today I didn’t know where my next stop was going to be. When I leave here on Friday I am moving a few miles south back to the outer suburbs of Jacksonville for a couple of weeks. There are a few things that I need to get accomplished that will be easier if I stay in northeast Florida near my mail service. I also need to get a few things on my RV home serviced. I’ve been waiting for confirmation on a service appointment, that is complicating some travel decisions.

This afternoon I stopped in downtown historic St. Mary’s and visited with the same two Egrets I’ve taken pictures of in the last week. These birds are comfortable with all the people around. You can get within eight or ten feet of them, and they will get even closer to you if your not looking.

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