Car Race Watching Sunday

Sunday May 30th 2021

The holiday weekend at the Jacksonville North / St. Mary’s KOA continues. A hand full of RVs departed this morning, but for most the weekend isn’t over yet. My neighbors on one side took off for the golf course this morning. On my other side my neighbors were entertaining guests all day. Other campers were congregated at the pool. The water slide was getting a lot of action.

Many of the families took off for the beach during the middle of the day. At least people in bathing suits departed and lots of wet towels came back with them. The nearest beach of any size is on Amelia Island about twenty five miles southeast of here. Most of the Georgia shore in this area is marsh and islands.

I didn’t leave the campground today. Yesterday, I couldn’t find any place to park along the St. Mary’s River in the downtown area. All of the parking spaces were taken by empty boat trailers. Today was better weather so I expect the number of boats on the water was even greater. Instead of venturing out I spent most of the day reading and watching TV. The Indianapolis 500 race was on. I usually enjoy the pageantry before the race more than the actual race. Today the TV coverage leading up to the pageantry was so boring that I almost missed the good part. I managed to catch the singing of the National Anthem and the Back Home Again in Indiana. The actual race wasn’t all that exciting, although I did appreciated the coronation of another 4 time winner. Tonight the other big car race of the day is on the TV as I’m writing this blog entry. I missed the pageantry at the beginning of the Charlotte 600 NASCAR race. It is usually very patriotic. Once I publish this blog entry I’ll probably find something better to watch.

The Ends

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